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Steel Cord

Designed to carry heavy loads over long distances, steel-cord conveyors are able to withstand higher tensions than regular fabric conveyor belts


Abrasion Resistant

Boasts a DIN abrasion loss of only 120 mm3. Capable of enduring severe abrasion applications commonly found in mining plants and crushers of cement factories.


Chevron & Cleated

The first belt of choice for steep-angle conveyors. Able to transport grainy materials from 17º to 28º inclines, and boxed items from 30º to 35º.


Flame Resistant

A must for materials such as coal. Fire-extinguishing chemicals are mixed into the rubber, putting out any spontaneous combustion before it can spread.


White Food-grade

Free of toxic chemicals, moisture & mildew resistant. White-colored for quick spotting of outside contamination. Tested and approved by SGS (BFAD accredited).


High-Heat Resistant

Ideal for conveying items from sintered ores to cement clinker.

We offer different grades ranging from 100ºC up to 200ºC


Oil & Heat Resistant

Excellent for copra, soybeans, wheat germ, palm oil, etc, this belt type is made of Nitrile Butadiene rubber that does not swell or separate when soaked in oils.


Sidewall & Cleated

When a Chevron belt is not good enough, it's time to upgrade to a sidewall conveyor!

Able to haul boxed and loose items all the way to 90º.



For standard abrasive materials, choose Econo-Belts as your reliable, cost-effective, and readily available solution.

Endless joints are available, too!


Woven Rough-top

Recommended for handling crates and packaged goods across flat to 30º distances. Its rough-top surface cushions and grips boxes in place, which results in a smooth trip.

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