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   Tel: 63.2.2410794  to 98
   Fax: 63.2.2413279
   Email: [email protected]

Technical Support

   Tel: 63.2.4196496 to 98
   Fax: 63.2.4190931
   Email: [email protected]



Dependable Sales & Technical Support

     Philbelt is manned by a team of highly-trained engineers and specialists whose distinctive blend of skills and experience ensure dependable sales and technical assistance.

Technical Support & Training

     Our after-sales services for our conveyor belts include:

  • on-site cold-process belt splicing

  • preventive belt maintenance check-up

  • free consultation on specific belt design

  • product knowledge seminars on belt splicing

  • belt repair and maintenance

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Efficient Delivery

     Philbelt ensures the timely delivery and efficient distribution of products. This is made possible by its extensive distribution network.

Efficient Delivery

     Our extensive distribution network ensures the constant availability of our products nationwide. We directly service thousands of distributors and dealers all over the country and have the access to end-users in every distribution channel.

     Our delivery service includes the timely delivery of our products and the development of the proper product mix to serve the distributor's specific market.

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